Selling Commission

If you join an online marketplace like Adamclick, you enjoy a number of benefits. One of them is immediate access to thousands of buyers with minimum complexities by paying a nominal selling commission and like others selling on Adamclick also includes a selling commission, which we'll be charging for opening up new opportunities for increasing sales productivity. However, the seller fee could be a little high and could make it tough for sellers to maintain a profit margin on every sale. If you sell your products at a competitive price, make sure to calculate the seller fee properly and find out whether it is profitable to sell or not. Fortunately, we provide sufficient help to all our sellers in calculating the exact amount they have to pay as the selling commission.
Selling commission is a great way for sellers to increase sales productivity, expand the business and reach out to new customers. 
Selling commission on Adamclick
Selling commission charged by Adamclick is a small percentage of the order item value, which is paid to selling agents. It excludes discount offers provided by the seller. The percentage of commission will depend on various aspects of the sold items including:
  • Product category
  • Product Sub-category
  • The price of the sold item
  • Seller’s performance based on the order fulfillment rate, cancellation rate, and customer returns, etc. 
  • Source and destination location of the order
  • Weight and dimension of the product 
  • Shipping type and charges
  • Storage duration


At Adamclick, we provide several opportunities for selling agents to receive a commission for their services. Usually, the seller fee includes an agreed-upon percentage of the total selling price of the goods. More precisely, a selling commission is an additional amount paid to a third party seller for generating new sales opportunities on behalf of the seller in the sales of the imported goods. The fee must be included in the value of imported goods. 
We provide affiliate programs to help potential selling agents to earn commissions by placing banners or links on their websites to refer users to the Adamclick website. This is a great way to help potential buyers reach us and shop their desired products from our listed sellers. We have a huge list of professional sellers and they pay a variable closing fee and referral percentages. You will be paid after the deal is closed. 
With the help of our seller fee calculator onboard our website, you can calculate the commission fees very quickly in bulk and can know your transaction amount with detailed information on sold items. Calculating the seller fee could be a daunting task for a seller, especially for a bulk of orders. This is why we provide a simple way to help sellers calculate the commission fee, so sellers can focus on other important things. 
It is recommended for you to calculate the seller fee before you list your products at Adamclick. This way, you can find out easily whether it is profitable to sell or not.