Fulfillment Policy

Order fulfillment of Adamclick is a common necessity that ensures that customer satisfaction, which includes the steps of receiving, processing, and delivering the product efficiently. Adamclick has proved its order fulfillment policy to be a major source of revenue generation. Furthermore, it has made the job very simple. Our order fulfillment services have provided us a very effective and productive platform to lead the businesses to a higher level of status. Our order fulfillment rate is very high, which gives us a competitive edge when it comes to providing the best delivery services to all our esteemed customers.
We take full responsibility on behalf of the seller to ensure that your product is delivered on the expected delivery date. All the sellers are required to pack the goods and ready for pick up by our assigned courier guy on the same day. This strengthens our commitment to serving every customer on time.
After an order is picked up by our pick-up person, it is the sole responsibility of our courier agent to deliver the order in good condition and in the designated time frame. If an order arrives with damage, customers can file a claim for return within 10 calendar days of receiving the products. They are not required to provide any reason for return. Please make sure to contain all the original shipping documents and take pictures of the damaged goods. If you fail to properly document the damage, it may disqualify you to claim for a return or reimbursement.
In case there is any change in the delivery date and time, we will let you know about the same along with the new expected date and time of the delivery.
How will a seller at Adamclick get an order from potential customers?
Adamclick has a seller panel for all its sellers. Whenever a customer places an order, it reflects in the seller’s panel automatically. 
How long it takes a seller to fulfill the order
When the seller is listed on Adamclick, we tell the seller about their fulfillment time. For more details, you can visit our website and check out the average delivery time for placed orders according to destination area codes.
Who will pick the goods from the seller?
Adamclick will bear the responsibility of delivering the goods and services right to your doorstep. We have assigned a courier partner to all our sellers. They will count and pick the goods from the seller and deliver it to you. Sellers need to pack the goods and ready them at the agreed time. The seller has to ensure the receiving documents, which are signed and stamped by the Courier Person at the time of picking. 
What will be done when the pick is failed?
The seller has to inform us immediately after the pickup is missed. We will ensure that the pick is done on the same day or the next working day
How can we pack the product for shipping?
The seller has to pack the goods immediately after the order is received. They have to ensure the proper packaging of goods, so there will be fewer chances of any damage to goods during the shipping process. After the packaging is done, the seller has to hand over the package to the courier person. 
How to raise a request for packaging goods?
The seller has to inform us about the packing status of the goods, so we can send in our pick-up person on the same day and deliver the product within the expected timeline.
We inform the seller about a request to pack the ordered item and be ready for pick up. 
What if a customer cancels an order after dispatch by the seller?
The dispatched item will be sent back to the seller within the speculated timeline as per our contract.  
Can a seller appoint his own third-party courier agent?
No, as per the Company Policy, Adamclick will provide logistics support to all the registered sellers. 
What if an order is returned?
In case a customer returns an order, a refund will be given minus the shipping charges.